Monday, March 13, 2017

GET OUT With The Family

A couple of weeks ago me and my best friend went to see the new film 'Get Out." I'm not huge of scary movies but I don't mind creepy psychological scary as opposed to "make you jump as many times as possible" scary. We thoroughly enjoyed the film. After all, it did receive a very rare 100% on the film critique website Rotten Tomatoes.

Some people had their views about it. How deep it was, how deep it wasn't. The film didn't touch on anything new to what my mind had not encountered before, but it still was a great concept. And I didn't leave the theatre feeling "some type of way" about the majority race of this country. My favorite thing that happened with this movie was the Get Out Challenge!

There is a very popular scene in the film where one of the field workers is dashing through the field going, I don't know how fast. I won't reveal why this person is doing it if you haven't seen the movie. Go watch it if you can. In the theatres! Not these strange trolling spammers who appear on people's statuses on facebook randomly with links to the full film, in my skeptical opinion, in order to thwart the amazing sales this film has been doing in the box office.

Back to this challenge. It is the most simple challenge you can participate in, and I never do the challenges. Not the ice bucket, not the Monica So Gone, and most certainly not the mannequin! But I decided to include my family in on it too!!! To twist it up a little bit, because I hate doing things like everyone else. Here is my version of the Get Out Challenge, Family edition!

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