Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Let's Talk About The Grammys

So this year's Grammys was entertaining. I'm usually bored, usually doing DVR on it and watching it later. But the way the cable box is set up I can only record 2 things at a time and Sunday nights are heavy DVRing nights. This usually messes up my recording of award shows so I had to watch the whole thing live, just in case my DVR tried to pop off and do something crazy like not record....but of course, the whole thing recorded this time. So saddle up, I kind of watched it two times so I have a lot to talk about!

I was going to go down a list and tell what I thought of all of the performers, but there were a lot. So I'm gonna highlight somethings. First off, no one was boring. It was an amazing thing. I'm usually bored by a plethora of performers and fast forward through the awards given. This year was different. James Corden was entertaining. Loved his opening rap. He got skills yo. And yall see the way he was moving when he was spitting those dope lyrics??? Like a natural rap artist!! I absolutely adored the Carpool. Blu Ivy was too cute running in there like that. It made me feel like it was a family get together, not knowing the lyrics of the song, just like me :-). Everyone looked amazing, even John Travolta with what appeared to be, a lace wig, or something of the sort. Something was weird about it. I couldn't analyze it thoroughly however. 

Real quick. Bruno Mars has to be making so much coin right now. The news is on and they are talking about the Grammys and they use 24k Magic for the background music. They did it last night at the Grammys too...and on plenty of commercials and everything. So to Bruno I say, keep doing what you do and get those coins boo. 

Ok, back to the Grammys. Before I get into performances I'm gonna get into a few awards. I'm so proud of Chance the Rapper. He knows about the industry. He worked it the right way and it has paid off. Not to mention how he took us to CHUCH (church)!!! Very good performance. Kirk Franklin could have gone without that dress though. The men are always wearing skirts and dresses for award shows. Now I don't mean actual skirts and dresses, just like these performers are always wearing panties on stage. They are leotards and body suits but they fit the characteristics of panties. And the guys' clothing fits the characteristics of skirts and dresses so.....
Adele and Beyonce had a moment. I loved it. I agree with Adele that Beyonce should have gotten the Album of the year award. Lemonade was a conceptual piece of work, but versatile and very well put together. And not to mention the creativity when releasing it. 21 Pilots touched me with their story of the underwear. They said "you could be next. Anyone from anywhere can do anything." This touched me. Because I am barely anywhere right now with my music. But I know if I keep pushing, I got this! Grammys in a few years!! And I know I don't have to be on a label to achieve this. Thanks Chance!!

Now, performances! Adele opened with her power Ballad "Hello" and did amazing. Adele is always having great years when she releases work. She sells a ridiculous amount of albums by today's standards and always wins all the Grammys. Her George Michael tribute was very moving. I didn't know the girl Alicia Keyes performed with until the show, but I liked the song. And Alicia Keys giving seventies disco with that outfit!! Ed Sheeran is always amazing. I believe it was two years ago at the Grammys, that I was bored, where I first heard "Thinking Out Loud." That performance moved me. It was like the only one that moved me, between performers not dancing with enthusiasm or performing ballads with dead eyes and no emotion. I love how he challenges himself during these performances, making the music right there. Requires and intense amount of focus. Then still singing with feeling. Well done Mr. A Team! 
Now let me get into this country music. Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. Their song sounded like an old school pop song. I felt no country in it. I wanted to two-step groovingly. I usually feel funk with country music, in a rocking way with some artists but not soul like this. It was definitely a jam. I loved the song. But country music doesn't have jams. So this was like a few years ago when Taylor Swift was still winning (or even being nominated for) CMA Awards with her pop songs. I want the song though. Beyonce was great as she usually is. She been having long presentations lately, like every time. But she gave a very conceptual presentation. I loved the choreography. 
Gary Clark Jr gave soul!! I liked that peformance and Pentatonix gave amazing performance with that last minute tribute to Legend AL Jerrou.
We had some deepness as well. Katy Perry with Bob Marley's grandson, Skip, and taking eachother's hands with the "We The People" in the background. That got her a standing ovation. I love her song as well. Her peformance had too many things going on, however. But this is what she usually does, put too many things in the way of her performing. She looked great though, that look fits her well, and going Blonde along with Jinju Lee of DNCE  and Halsey. 
The ultimate fight the power came with the mash of A Tribe Called Quest (rip Phife), Busta Buss and Anderson Paak!!! I felt that Power!! Yes!! And Anderson, I remember seeing you on the BET awards and you showed why you deserve to be on tour with Bruno Mars.

Which brings me to my final person to talk about. If you know me you know who I'm talking about. My boy Bruno. I'm so happy I'm not the only person on my timeline anymore talking about his greatness. People started to see when he headlined the Superbowl. But they really see now! So he performed one of my absolute favorites from the album, and ironically the night before I had just thought about what this song would look like live and my prayers were answered quickly! I didn't even know he was performing until my Dad told me! And two times at that! But he gave old school r&b. Something I miss. A feeling, a style. I adored it. His tribute to Prince along with the Time was everything  (well I needed more songs done) but Bruno gave me guyliner  and Purple rain shirt!!! His band was perfect for this tribute. Can't wait for the tour!!

Ok I'm done. This was long. I could keep going but if you got his far, thank you. I love you. I enjoyed this year's Grammys and can not wait to be a part of it one day. Because I will!!

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