Monday, February 6, 2017

Superbowl Fifty-Something (I think)

So, another year, another Superbowl. Another extreme money making day for the ones with the money already. And we just eat it up. Well, they eat it up, not me. I just cook normal Sunday Dinner with a little bit of Superbowl spirit in it. So yeah, I guess I do eat it up a little. Year after year I have no idea who's in the Superbowl, like ever. I have vague memories of being back home in Buffalo in the 90s.  

A few years in a row I'd go to family member's Superbowl Parties and they'd be singing "Buffalo's going to the Superbowl!" I never knew what it was, I didn't care, and still don't care. There's is something, however, that I do pay attention to for the past recent years that I hadn't back then, probably because I was off playing with my cousins somewhere. It is the halftime show
But first, let's get into the "cultiness" of the obsession with sport's teams. I hardly ever root for any team, at all. Why? Because I don't care. I have the same feelings towards sports teams as I do for the lives of the Kardashians. Like, the feelings are non-existent. They aren't there. I don't think of it. These things are just thrown into my face, into my life. I respect the sports, however. I just don't care where the players play. 

Now, I understand pride in where you come from or for the team you like a lot. Be it because the coaching is awesome, the players are great. I don't know what makes a favorite team a favorite team unless you live in that city. A bias, the same as if you knew one of the players. But I will not understand the gang mindset. I won't. 

The fights and riots that break out over players who play for different cities. It's wild. I will never understand it. But let's just blame it on the alcohol ( Thanks Jamie Foxx). It's the only thing I will accept as a reason to fight over teams who don't know you, don't give a darn about you and who are not about to even loan you a dime. But enough about it. Patriots won. Crazy. They were down by so much. 

Reminds me of my highschool days when us female basketball players beat this undefeated girls team of the city in their final game. They got too comfortable. They balled their eyes out too and later denied the loss ever even occurred for them...yes..fond memories of big upsets. But let's move on to my favorite and ONLY reason I even have it on the channel of the Superbowl. The Halftime Show.  

So, Lady Gaga slayed!!! I went on Facebook and saw some people say it was boring. HOW??? I have never been a humongous fan of Lady Gaga's songs (I most certainly enjoy and jam to them however) but I have always adored, respected and enjoyed her performances. She's talented as crap and sings her but off!!! Please, someone tell me HOW was this boring? Every song had their own element. She started on top of the building and flew around. But there was substance while doing it! Her dancers! And the part that touched my soul was when she did A Million Reasons and went down and hugged the girl. I don't know, it did something to me. And she ended strong! So anyone to say she didn't slay is biased. I don't care if you don't like her music, you CANNOT say this performance didn't rock. I wanna be like you Gaga!!!  

So in closing....I love to play sports, do not enjoy watching them. Teams are a cult that further divide us in many situations mainly because of alcohol. And Janet Jackson, Micheal Jackson and Bruno Mars will always be in my top of Superbowl performances. I want to be like you guys!!! Til next time my loves. Muah!


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